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While sitting in the class and listening to a lecture, as usual your gaze unexpectedly drops to the window. The view of the green...

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The origin and meaning of Halloween derives from the ancient Celtic harvest festivals, meaning ‘The evening before all hallows day’ or ‘all saint’s day,’...

Art and Culture


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On March 23rd, the faculty of Communication and Media Studies hosted it’s high honor ceremony where they presented their top students in the Public...

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As part of the Faculty’s goal to enable its students gain a head-start in their careers, the department of Public Relations and Advertising hosted...

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International Night is a long-standing tradition at Eastern Mediterranean University. It is the university’s largest and most exciting festival that brings cultures from different...

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Marvel Studios released their 19th film in their running franchise, Avengers Infinity War which is the culmination of the past ten years of films,...

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