2015 Halloween best costume winner

The international office organised a Halloween party for the international student community on Saturday, 31st October 2015 at the central lecture theater. The eventful party had in attendance students from different countries showcasing beautiful costumes from different works of life, art and multi-ethnic ends. The event established the beauty of a university with multicultural students community as beautiful display of glitz and glamour of Halloween made the night a remarkable one. The night also witnessed colorful stage presentation, great music and display of different colorful Halloween costumes. Gundem’s  Edith Ifeoma  was there to Speak with some students at the event on their costumes and what they think of Halloween and the party. This is what they had to say;

My name is Qasi Albartar. İ am a Palestinian and a student of Mechatronics. My costume is that of a grim reaper, symbolizing the one who takes people’s souls. Halloween to me is all about the fun it brings.

My name is Mohammed, i am from Palestine and i am student of Electrical and Electronics. My costume is skeleton inspire which symbolizes death. For me, I celebrate Halloween to remember the dead ones.

My name is Cynthia Evule. I am a Pharmacy student from Nigeria. The name of my costume is Cat witch which symbolizes the witch. For the party, I came out to see how it is and also have fun.

My name is Nazid Boutrheurst, international Relations student from Turkey and the name of my costume is Prep future vampire which symbolizes flesh eater. I am at this party to have fun and to scare people.

My name is  Chike. I am a Nigerian and a student of international Relations student and the name of my costume is the grim ripper skull which symbolize the dead skull. What I like about this party is the fact that I am coming out as a different person this night which is nice. I feel different.

The party ended on a celebratory note as the best Halloween costume of the year was chosen among others. It was won by a Tajikistan student, Dilbora Bakhtaleva from Business department. Her costume was inspired by Minions;  a 2015 American 3D computer-animated family comedy film.



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