Winter is Here; How Ready are You?


The coldest season of the year is here and the big question remains; how ready are you to accomplish all your academic missions with this harsh weather condition? Winter in Northern Cyprus is basically between November to February; followed by spring and autumn which is mostly short.The coldest season in Northern Cyprus around December goes from an average temperature of 12°C (54°F), with the average high temperature of 16°C (61°F). It can also drop as low as 7°C (45°F) on the average during the night.The weather in Famagusta might be confusing sometimes because it could be sunny and then in a blink of an eye; it becomes windy or rainy which might make the temperature drop very low and it becomes colder.

With this background information, students should know what to expect and by now; you should start shopping for heavy clothing materials (Winter gloves, socks, caps, winter jackets, winter sweaters, mufflers, winter boots, blankets etc. ) if you don’t have any or you want more. Adjusting to the change in weather and time is also very important. You can use this weather/time to your advantage since we have shorter day and longer night. While you enjoy a long sound night rest, you can also do some of your school work at night since there are lesser hours of daylight.

For most new students from countries with moderate or less extreme weather conditions, this must be cultural shock to you. But it is nothing to be scared of. Get your clothings right and you will enjoy the season. Also, be sure that all buildings (administrative blocks, classes, library, shops etc.) will be conditioned warm or hot as the case may be. The change in weather can also cause one to fall sick easily but as soon as you notice anything strange, just make you way to the school clinic.

On the flip-side, some new students are excited to be in North Cyprus and they can’t wait to experience their first winter. Winter is beautiful and lovely because it comes with fabulous fashion style and dramatic clouds which you can take good pictures of if you love nature. Undisputedly, some days can be slow during winter and all you just want to do all day is to stay in bed in your warm blankets and sleep. For days like that, a cup of hot coffee can be magical, try some.

By Marycynthia Okitor