The international student community have elected new presidents to lead various student Societies. The election was conducted by the international office on the 5th of Nov 2015 at the university activity center.

Hamdy Hussein was elected president of the Egyptian student society for the 2015 -2016 academic year. Hamdy is a fourth year student of Business and Economics Faculty. He is presently studying Political Science Major Degree and Economics minor degree. Hamdy succeeded Sherif Abdel Inady of the Department of Civil engineering. The election took the form of a single question referendum; which was done by asking voters if they agree to have the aspiring Candidate as the representative of the society or not. It was through this means that Hamdy Hussein was elected the president of the society.

Hamdy expressed his gratitude to all Egyptians students who came out in their number to give him their support to lead them as a society. Out of the 140 registered student who came out to vote he was glad that 99% gave their approval and according to him it’s a sign of trust and cooperation. “When people are with you no one can stop you” were his words expressing the great turn up support he got. With a sense of obligation, he promised to do all the best in his capacity to ensure that every Egyptian student on the campus is duly attended to.

Hamdy was the first President to be elected when the society started 2 year ago before the split which gave his then administration an opposition making him president of the left wing of the society and the former president, the president of the right wing. With his reelection this session, he is now officially the second president of the society with a united society of no factions. Among his many plans for the society is the introduction of the female football and basketball team. This team will be the first female team the Association will be have which to him will be a remarkable achievement. In his words he accedes that; “We look forward to having the Egypt Female team in this year FUTSA games to be coming up soon”.

It feels like its going fun for the Egyptian Students under this administration. Aside the usual social activities like Movie nights, parties, hangout, Academic activities which will include free Turkish lessons, English and different departmental tutorial for the students; he also plans to organize sports festival. The seemingly wow factor of all his plans is the plan for trips outside the Island to places like Turkey, Qatar, Dubai. All the aforementioned plans are believed to be feasible with the support of what he called his formidable team of four. With them, he believes work will be done easier and faster and they consist of Miss Engy Mohamed (Vice President) Ali Mohamed Ali (social director) Mohamed Saad (Treasurer) and Mohab (Sport Director).

“I appreciate the Egyptian students for their support; I promise that the EGSS (Egyptian Student Society) will be one of the best societies if not the best in the school “;  were his final words for the Egyptian Student Society.

By Munbang Sheena Dimka