A university is a diverse higher institution of learning primarily created to grant degrees and educate for occupation; but there are more benefits than you have ever imagined in a university. Aside the aforesaid, there are so many extra gains especially in a good university like the one you at now. Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus is the true definition of diversity. A university with representatives from more than half of the world is like having the world school with you. Make great use of your rare opportunity, start nursing an idea now if you have non, ask older colleagues and teachers for advice. Their reason here is not just for academics; they are also willing to discuss your innovative ideas with you. The university milieu has always been a trend setting environment and many institutions that are extremely huge today in the world have their roots in universities. Facebook for instance started in Harvard University in 2004 and fast forward to 2015; Facebook is ranked the world most popular social networking site with 1.35 billion users.

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The extra gains of unity in diversity is not limited to technology but all things of your interest; sports, politics, business, entertainment e.t.c. This message is specially for you to explore those interest of yours. This is a testing ground for you. Fear not failure for the first times of trial. Believe in yourself and know that it might not be easy but it will be worth it at the end. Aside the smaller tips shared, there are some other great tips to starting a great idea that will be a potential success in the future in a university like this one. First of all, you have to see yourself as a citizen of the world because your ideas might change the world and not specifically where you are from. Refuse to limit the possibilities of your ideas and let your ideas speak numbers more than your bank account. Remember, poverty of ideas is worse than poverty of wealth.  As you do all of these, don’t forget to socialize because your ideas might be better feasible with a group of young creative minds from other countries. More importantly, this is your opportunity to unfriend the greatest albatross of man’s life; procrastination. Go do great things.