Eastern Mediterranean University organized a basketball tournament for her students which commenced yesterday 14th of December 2015 at 5pm at Lala Mustafa Sport Center.

Fifteen countries registered for the basketball tournament and almost all countries that entered for the tournament produced both male and female teams. All registered countries are Egypt, Lebanon, Swaziland, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Nigeria, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Russia, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and Palestine.

The opening match was between Iran and Cameroon and it started at exactly 5:10 pm. The keenly contested match ended in favor of Cameroon at 14-12 points. The Nigerian and Palestine female side started the game for the female category and the first half of the game ended with a 4 – 4 points draw. At the second half, the Nigerian side won with one point over Palestinian side in a keen struggle at 6-5 points. The Zimbabwean male team played the Nigerian male team and the first half finished 5 – 16 points in favor of the Nigerian side. The second half was almost a flawless victory for the Nigerian side as the second half ended with 9:21 points in favor of the Nigerian side. Nigeria won Zimbabwe with the total point of 37-9 points.

In a tightly competitive game between the Palestinian male team and the North Cyprus side, the match ended in favor of the Palestinian side with 15-13 points. At exactly 8:11 pm, the Russian female team took on their former Soviet Union country; Kazakhstan. The match ended with a narrow victory for Kazakhstan at 8-7 points. The Syrian male team played against the Jordanian male team and with an inevitably noticeable loud and large support, the large numbers of Syrians present and the loud cheer seems to have worked for them as their team defeated the Jordanian side with 20-17 points. The Iran female team took on the North Cyprus female team and it was a broad victory for the North Cyprus side as they won with 14-5 points. The wrapping match of the day was between Pakistan and Egypt male teams and it ended in a narrow win for Pakistan at 13-10.

We spoke with one Mr. Jerry Adebiyi who was part of the score committee. We asked him about all the games so far and if things are working the way the organizers and committee have planned them. He said; “As planned things are going fine, practically everything has been great so far, i think everything will go in the right direction”.

By Edith Ajah


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