Chelsea Football Club boss Jose Mourinho has just been sacked. Mourinho was sacked because of a rough four months time at the club. He won the English premier league seven months ago for the third time for the team and has had so much success at Chelsea including  3 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup, 1 Community Shield and 3 League Cups. With so much success at Chelsea and other clubs; Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid, Mourinho has self-acclaimed the title ‘the special one’. For the past few months, things have really been sour for the special one in what he supposedly knows how to do best. Gundem newspaper spoke with Fans of Chelsea football club at Eastern Mediterranean university about what they think about the dismissal and this is what they had to say;

Emmanuel udeka  is a fourth year student of Faculty of  Communication and Media Studies. He said; ‘That Chelsea FC dismissed Mourinho was very surprising to me but yet he knew it would happen eventually due to the recent poor result this season”. Mr Emmanuel accedes  that he expected Mourinho to have turned things around but that did not happen. Conclusively, in his words, he said “I cannot say much on it but all I have to say is that I wish him goodluck in his next endeavor”.

Also we met with one Mr. Adedayo Emmanuel; a student of international relation. He expressed his view on the issue;  to him, “It is very disappointing to say. When Mourinho came back to Chelsea in his second term the board made it clear to us the fans and the general public at large that it was because of sustainability of the team. Like 10 years sustainability if we remember he said Chelsea always have the tendency of sacking their coaches and were not stable because of this. Prior to this promise made, it not even more than 18 months, another coach has been sacked. For me, I believe Chelsea board did not do well sacking Mourinho for this is not a solution to the current situation of Chelsea. This is football and good results are not expect ed all the time. Chelsea is having a bad season because of one or two mistakes from the beginning of the season and at least they should have allowed Mourinho till the end of the season so that they can evaluate his overall performance. The special one was beginning to get himself again. In my opinion, the owner of Chelsea is not passionate about the club or about the fans but rather he is a business man who want results and good ones at that. Chelsea for now is still the current champion of the English premier league and this same Mourinho was the man behind their success. Just because the team have a bad season does not mean the man Mourinho is less better in performance, this things happen in football and for me i think sacking Mourinho at this critical stage will not help issues, rather it might even worsened the situation” he posits.

Also talking to another student, Jeremiah, a business administration student also known as Mc Jerry Aka it is in your body as he has introduced him self on a telephone interview has his own view on the issue as well, he said. “Talking about Mourinho, I love him so much but at the same time we are not doing so much this season. Losing 9 matches in 16 games as the reigning champion is not something good. It is very bad for us. We have an image to protect. Chelsea is always known to be on the top. We just have to let Mourinho go because we are just in mid season and we are in the 16th position in the EPL ; just a point above the relegation zone. For me, I am not happy and not sad because I believe he should go. The major problem was that Mourinho lost the dressing room, loosing the dressing room means that he lost the ability and the coordination, hunger, the zeal and will to give good result. This was the major problem he had and before coming to Chelsea, he had the same problem with Real Madrid. So for me, I believe the board did what they had to do, at least he was sacked based on mutual consent. Personally, I have always loved him because he has always been the best coach but again Chelsea had to let go”.
By Hope ohiomoren