International immigrants day was initiated by United Nations and has been celebrated globally since 2000 by the international community. The event has been slated for 18th December of every year. All international students are temporary immigrants and in the effort to make their voices heard, Gundem newspaper spoke with some student migrants about their likes and dislikes, high point and low points of their stay in North Cyprus and this is what they had to say;

I am Asaah Junior Amstrong, I am a Cameroonian student studying Molecular Biology and Genetics. What I like about North Cyprus first of all is that the people are welcoming, the place has a low crime rate and most importantly the teaching standard at Eastern Mediterranean University is high. It is a quiet place and is ideal for studies with few distractions. On the flip-side, what I despise about North Cyprus is the hike in prices of every commodity ranging from house rent to the common bread we have for breakfast as well as school fee and taxi fares just to name few.

I am Ahmed G. Sheikh, I am a 20 years old Palestinian student studying Engineering. The things I love about North Cyprus are the opportunities to have new experiences in a new culture that it gives. I love the fact that I am studying at a really nice international university. I also love the fact that I live near the sea and more importantly, i love the fact that Cyprus is peaceful. Finally, the opportunity my university gives me to meet new friends from different nationalities of the world is breathtaking. If I am to mention something I dislike, I will say I dislike the limited tourist places and the high prices of rents and goods.

My name is Gulnar Khudiyeva, i am 26 yrs old. I am from Azerbaijan and i am a student of International Finance department at EMU. I got the chance to study in other countries but my family and I decided to choose Cyprus. First reason was a climate. It is not a cold country, and that’s good for my health.  Second reason was EMU, in Azerbaijan my Instructor told me something about Cyprus & EMU. I love the peace, quietness of North Cyprus, it makes life beautiful here. Something-else i love about people here is that they don’t care about others life or life style. One can possibly go out with pajamas and it will be cool for them.   The other one , having Health Center inside campus. what i don’t like about North Cyprus is the fact that during the weekend, you hardly see any opened pharmacy, only a few will be open and they are mostly far away from the campus.  I also dislike the fact that public hospitals close by 12 o’clock. In summer i needed to have MR & tomography but they made me to wait for a whole month. There is discount EMU students which is good but waiting 1 month like in my case is something they should work on.