Public Relation and Advertising Department at Faculty of Communication and Media studies held their honor and high honor ceremony yesterday the 18th of December 2015 to celebrate and certificate successful students at the purple hall.

The event was traditional wear themed as the instructors and students of this department made the event so colorful by putting on multicultural outfit. The dean of the faculty Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ümit İnatci, the chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anil Kemal Kaya and other instructors where present at the event. This event was coordinated by Senior instructorIpek Halim who made the event lively and interesting. Two students represented other successful and they gave speeches. The name of these successful student were called by Nazli Köksal and Elega Adeola and various lecturers were given the honor to give the certificates to the students who did excellently in the previous semester. A short video clip was shown which lighted up the event.  Simon Sunday Benjamin AKA proof box, a student of the public relation department performed in this program lighting up the room with his dance and song. Also a lecturer from music department Erkan Dagli performed with his choir. The event continued for an hour and half outside where the teachers and students played music from 19 different languages and danced all together, expressing there love with multicultural food and drinks.

Gundem newspaper spoke with some students of the faculty and they expressed themselves. According to a Nigerian student of this department, Ibrahim Bolakale Olowosuna, he posits that ” i am glad to be in this program, i feel like this event will give room to other student to be serious. this unity between student and lecture give room to a conducive learning and will encourage the up coming student to partake in this love and for the successful once, the will work harder to keep up with this position or do more.” Also a student who made a speech at the event, and also collected a certificate, Edith Ifeoma Ajah, she said “the event was a unique one on its own because this is the first time the honor and high honor ceremony tends to be different from the previous ones. It created an opportunity to interact with our fellow students in cultural set up. And I wish that the next one will be more than this one with more students cerebrating their success in a grand style”. As we know, education is the best legacy and determination today leads to success tomorrow.

By Deborah Sylvester

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