EMU “Peace Ambassadors” Visit the Ghost Town


Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU ) Foreign Languages ​​and English Preparatory School initiated a Civic Involvement Project named ” chose to love not war”. This group of students and their lecturers visited Varosha together, the ghost town along the borders of Palm Beach.

Varosha is a ghost town in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is located in Famagusta;  the capital of the Gazimağusa District of Northern Cyprus. Before the Turkish intervention into Cyprus in 1974, Varosha was the new tourist area of the city. Since, the intervention, the ghost city has remained abandoned and under the occupation of the Turkish Armed Forces. As the name implies, ‘ghost city’ it that has been completely abandoned and deserted and going into the premise is forbidden to the entire public. The record of inhabitants as of this day 05,01.2015 is still null.

The students of this group were victims of the psychological, sociological, economic and cultural effects of war and after they have lived through this experience themselves as ” peace ambassadors”. They are all about preaching the peace gospel and they try to make others sensitive to war, its destruction and conflict between different countries or different groups within a country or between states. They promised that they will endeavor to reach out to people in their own little capacity.