Lionel Messi holds his trophy after receiving the 2015 FIFA Ballon dOr award for player of the year. AFP PHOTO / OLIVIER MORINOLIVIER MORIN/AFP/Getty Images

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has announced the most prestigious  ballon d’Or awards for the top football players and coaches of the year. The awards which took place in Zürich yesterday 11th January 2016 witnessed greatness as Lionel Messi was announced the top player of the year making it his fifth time.

With 52 goals and four titles, Lionel Messi won over 30 year old Cristiano Ronaldo Messi who had 57 goals, no titles and Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior who had 46 goals and four titles. Gündem sports correspondent, Hope Ohiomoren spoke with football lovers at Eastern Mediterranean University on their contentment or displeasure about the announcement of Lionel Messi as the best player of the year and this is what they had to say;

Fredrick Edeh is a student of Faculty of Pharmacy. He stood his ground for Messi and acclaims that the Argentine professional footballer is an undisputed champion. He said “It’s glaring; Messi had a wonderful season by winning almost all the trophies he played for. I will never argue about this with anyone, you know why? Because I will be wasting my time. On the speculation on why Ronaldo didn’t win. Trust me, Neymar and Messi had a better team contribution and influence. When you check statistics for last season, it’s undisputed that Messi had better season. The truth is that Lionel Messi doesn’t struggle to play good football but Ronaldo works his life out to impress.  It’s natural for Messi, so winning Balon D’or 5 times clearly shows that Ronaldo cannot be compared to him. My last words are that Lionel Messi is out of this world” he posits.

Oluwaseyi Saint is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Business and Economics. He accedes that “The first thing I asked yesterday when the award was announced was, why Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo was outstanding and so as Neymar Jnr. They are all champions undisputedly but one person can win. The reason why I asked why Messi? was just to highlight the political undertone of Ballon d’or. Snidjer deserved it a while ago and it was given to Messi, remember. I think a lot of things are involved in this whole thing but if I am to make the decision which isn’t the case, I think Neymar deserves it more. You know why? He is young, vibrant and his input in his carrier, his country and even Messi’s career cannot be overemphasized. He did well and he should be encouraged”.

We also spoke had a telephone conversation with a football lover named Kingsley also known as Legit; a student of the faculty of pharmacy. He expressed  similar opinions with that of Oluwaseyi Saint. He said “I think Lionel Messi deserves it but of course I have some reservations. Messi scored so many goals and he was very instrumental to his team all last year but on a lighter note, I would have really loved it if Neymar Jnr. won. The reason is because he is young, hardworking and for him to contend with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at that level he was supposed to be considered”.