The Eastern Mediterranean University welcomed their new and returning students to regular classes yesterday 22nd of February 2016 for the Spring 2015/2016 academic session.

The university was filled with students from different countries as always and a good number of them were still going through the registration process while few others attended classes. The commencement of regular school activities is mostly nothing entirely new to returning students. Gündem Newspaper Correspondent gathered that most of the returning students were going about their normal activities yesterday. For most of them, all they want is to prepare for a productive 4 months of school work which they are familiar with. On the flipside, the new students are entirely new to the university space, people and almost everything around them and the university has made things easy for them with orientation program and Freshers night which is targeted to make them know the basics about the university and also fully welcome them to the Eastern Mediterranean University Family.

Gündem Newspaper spoke with some new students about their first day at school and if their expectations were met. Faith from Zimbabwe talked with us. She said; “the school is okay and the university is well structured. For the first day, I think it’s okay and cool. The only thing I think the university should try to fix and consider is helping the new students with free text book in other to put them on track academically. Other than that, everything is great”. We also spoke with Ayanna, a new student in the Faculty of Business and Economics. She said; “I like what I have seen so far, the university is okay but the school should tell us the real date and time for classes so as not to wait almost an hour for lecture”. Favour Edeh, a new student of Communication and Media Studies said the first day at school was generally nothing out of the ordinary for her because the teacher didn’t really teach them. In her words, “I really didn’t do anything in class because the teacher only gave us the course outline. However, I must say that the university looks good. For now, I really don’t think I have any reservation about the university. I think everything I have seen is good so far” she said.

The new semester is slated to end in June and the most important days of this semester are as follows;  29th of February is the last day for late registration, last day for submission of graduation make – up exam grades to the registrar and last day for submission of grade change to the registrar. Midterm exams will commence on 08 of April to 20th of April 2016. Spring festival will commence on 18th of May to 21st of May. Last day of Classes will be 27th of May and final exams start on 31st of May to 15th of June.

By Deborah Sylvester