It is exactly three weeks now since school resumed at Eastern Mediterranean University and so many things are ongoing for students. Some students have started receiving projects, presentations and quizzes. The new students are trying to get their fit strong in the EMU soil, some returning students have financial issues, some are trying to transfer from one department to another, some students dropped or added a course or more and so on.7fef9ea6660a98907dbefa23e62f394d

All these and more can be truly overwhelming. Use this weekend to your advantage to reflect on the last three weeks.  Work towards having a better new week and above all, have a good rest. It is obviously not easy to be a student but the struggle must continue in order to achieve success. Let these quotes inspire you to keep keeping on as the academic activities of the semester unfold.

  1. Push yourself because no other person will do for you.
  2. Failure is temporary, the only thing that should be permanent is your will to overcome it
  3. You can only use excuse to convince others but what would you use to convince yourself?
  4. Shortcuts will cut short your journey
  5. Don’t let anyone hold you to your past, this is a new semester, make it new for yourself
  6. Take risks; if you win, you will be happy. If you loose, you will be wise
  7.  Don’t wait till you make mistakes before you learn, learn from the mistakes of others
  8.  Know that it wont be easy but it will be definitely worth it
  9.  Don’t give up regardless
  10.  Reflect on 1 to 9 again


By Francisca Okitor