The African societies in Eastern Mediterranean University today, the 28th of April 2016 organized an Inter–African debate. The debate held in Blue Hall of Business and Economics Faculty. The debate was hosted by the Cameroonian Student Society in collaboration with Zimbabwean, Nigerian and Tunisia Student Societies.

The event is the first of its kind and in the spirit of oneness, it is organized to stimulate idea sharing, creating awareness and above all applying all lessons learnt theoretically in various classes to topical issues in Africa. The Debate was in two categories and each one was addressing a different topic; under the chair of Assist. Prof. Dr. Baruck Opiyo. In attendance were other faculty members, African students and few students from other countries outside Africa.

Education at home is better than education abroad was the first topic deliberated on by debaters from Cameroon and Zimbabwe. Each team consisted of three persons and the Cameroonian side spoke against the motion and Zimbabwean side spoke for the motion.  The second debate session was between Nigeria and Tunisian debaters and the topic was; ” Is Africa the cause of its underdevelopment?” Which Tunisian side spoke for the motion and Nigerian side spoke against the motion.

It was an engaging session as all participants spoke well. Most importantly, debaters mentioned topical and trending issues in the continent to buttress their arguments at all levels. The debate was not any different from any competition as there were members of jury. The jury members were Asst. Prof. Dr. John Albert Turner, Assist. Prof Dr. Umut Bozkurt and 6 other members of the societies represented. At the end of every competition like this one, a winner will always emerge. For the first category of the debate, the Zimbabwean side won over the host, Cameroon with 67 points out of hundred. The Cameroonian side had 58 points out of hundred. Meanwhile, the 2nd debate ended with Nigerian side emerging the winner with 65 points while the Tunisian side had 60.5.

The event ended with the certification of all the participants and members of Jury in appreciation for their contributions to make the event successful.

By Sheena Munbang