The International Office of Eastern Mediterranean University organized a conference to sensitize students on the rules and regulations of traffic, immigration and drugs issues in North Cyprus. The event was hosted by the North Cyprus Police Department and it held today, the 28th of April, 2016 at Mehmet Tahiroglu Salon.

The lecture focused on the enlightenment of the students on how to protect themselves and stay away from illegal doings. Representatives of the Police Department discussed basically on four main issues which are the criminal matters, traffic topic, narcotics topics and immigration topics. The criminal matters was presented by Chief Inspector Kerem Kadirogullari where he shed light on issues such as impersonating, assemblies and demonstration marches. He stated that according to criminal law- article 360; any person who impersonates is liable to be imprisoned up to 7 years. Chief Inspector Kerem further stated that foreign citizens who want to take part in protest marches and demonstration should take permission from the relevant district governorship by writing a petition.

The traffic topic was treated by Police Chief Inspector, Adnan Berkay talked about the rules concerning pedestrians, duties of drivers, fixed fines that can be given to drivers by police, fixed fines for bicycle riders, drivers license and international licenses, students vehicle and rented vehicle, as well as users right for taxis and buses. Police Chief Inspector Adnan enlightened the audience on the use of horn in built up areas, stating that it shouldn’t be used unless necessary and it should be between 21:00 and sunrise. In case of a traffic accident, the driver has to inform the police within 24 hours. Also when a bicycle is in traffic it has to have a breaking system that can stop both wheels. He added that driver’s licenses of other nationalities are valid, but once the student status is approved, the student should take their driver license to Motor Vehicles Department and exchange it to TRNC driver’s license.

Inspector Omac Volkan talked on narcotics such as opiate, cocaine, cannabis and chemicals. He posits that if anyone suspects that a substance is an illegal addictive drug, the person shouldn’t touch, smell or taste it. Instead the individual should keep it and call narcotics crime line which is 156.

The immigration topic was treated by Chief Inspector Fevzi Oztumen. He talked on the exit-entry procedure into North Cyprus. He mentioned that to go to one’s country with an expired document is possible. He added that validity of the travel documents is however crucially important when entering North Cyprus . He also said it is possible for one to obtain a student work permit. In his words; “a student should have a valid student permit and he/she is good to go”.

The event was quite beneficial and it was also an opportunity for participants as a slew of them asked questions from the officers and they shared their experiences in respect to the topics discussed.

By Halima Abdulwahab