Poem: Unprepared

Woman Painting - Lady On Bed by Sreehari Manakkal

She wakes on a beautiful day with a smile of satisfaction on her face.
its June; Spring the season of bloom and colors.
Gone are the rains and cold that made her shiver.
She turns over on her king sized bed to see a topless hottie in all his six packed glory sprawled besides her. “God’s gift to women” she whispers amidst a smile. “How did he even get here?” she wonders
With a smirk across her face, she relives the events of the previous night and remembers her charm he could not resist. She reaches for the lighter and cigarettes on the bedside table, “Perfect way to begin a beautiful day, breakfast can wait” she says. Closing her eyes to enjoy the feel of the cigarette upon her lungs, she ponders over the day’s routine. Slowly, she opens her eyes to stare at the wall clock silently ticking, it’s a few minutes past 8:30, “I woke up too early” she says to herself.  Her eyes continue to intently scan the room and it sets on the calendar just above the wardrobe.
Marked on the calendar in Red ink is the 1st of June, “Hmm, I only mark important dates in red ink” she utters. Closely she looks and scribbled beneath the date is Final Exams.
Her eyes open wide with realization, today is the 1st of June, the beginning of Final Exams.
“Holy Molly!!” she cries out, “I have a final exam to write at 8:30”.
She jumps out of her comfort zone, hurriedly gets dressed, and doesn’t care if it’s a bad hair, makeup and breath day. She rushes to the door, flings it wide open and races down the hall. “Oh No, how could I be so forgetful, I haven’t even studied enough”? Were the only thoughts racing through her mind as she ran.

By Jemimah Atti