Exclusive: Doctor Salih Cavusoglu of Eastern Mediterranean University’s Health Center Talks About Flu


As we welcome winter, we also welcome the Seasonal Flu or Influenza that accompanies winter. Flu is a common infectious viral respiratory illness caused by a virus and it spreads through cough and sneezes. It can be very unpleasant and very uncomfortable.

Speaking with the Head Doctor of EMU’s Health Center who is also in charge of Ear, Nose and Throat treatments, he listed the common symptoms of flu as fever, running nose, cough, headaches, sore throats and nose block. He said, these symptoms usually manifest within one -three days of contacting flu and most often they are accompanied with weakness.

When asked if flu is life threatening, Dr. SALİH said, “It is not a life-threatening infection and most people who contact the flu will recover after a few days of medication, however, it is dangerous for people over 70 because excessive causing can be dangerous for their health and when the flu reaches its peak, it is not a very good sign for them”.

He recommended the use of flu vaccines in October to people who suffer from flu. He encouraged them to see a doctor for checkup and administration of drugs as soon as they notice they have a flu. He also said eating healthy and protecting yourself from people who have flu is another way to avoid contacting a flu.

A flu can become a long-term illness if not properly treated. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the services offered by the EMU Health center against flu to ensure that we live in a Healthy and pleasant environment during and after the winter.

Health is Wealth, take extra care of your health.

By Jemima Atii and Olowosuna Ibrahim

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