Editor’s Note: Welcome to Spring Term of the 2016-2017 Academic Year


It’s the beginning of a new semester and it gives us so much joy to get started after the short break. To our seasoned readers, we are glad to have you back, and to our prospective new readers, we are glad to have you join us; be rest assured that as far as the scoop of news goes on Eastern Mediterranean University Campus, Gündem English is there for you.

Last semester, we announced two educative pages; “Word of the week” and “Did you know” and we hope that our esteem readers enjoyed it and most importantly, learn from it, as specifically designed. We’ll continue with both-and to the many, who follow Gündem English exclusively because of our Gündem Vox pop, we are using this opportunity to tell you that we’ll continue to air it and we are excited to show you even better ones.

This new semester, we are going to float an EMU based Comic entitled “Love don’t care”; written by Tochi Aigbokhae and penciled by Tapiwa Sikota. Detailed information about the comic will be provided on our Facebook page. Also, this term, we are trying to diversify as much as we can, and at the same time give voice to a variety of issues, so, we enjoin our readers to send us interesting articles, poems, photos of different beats; health, politics, entertainment, fashion, technology, music, comedy and film etc.

From all of us at Gündem English online newspaper, we wish you all a great semester.

Remember, stay glued to Gündem to be on the Agenda.

-The Editor

Elega Adeola Abdulateef, on behalf of the team.