The Academy Awards ceremony is just around the corner, and 2016 was a phenomenal year in movies, from indie films to blockbusters, the year was plenty eventful. And on the 26th of February, all these movies and the people who worked long and hard on them, will gather to be awarded and honored for their work at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. The Oscars is a major event, and whether we like it or not, films have an undeniable impact on pop culture and all our lives. Some of the biggest movies of the year were “Arrival” starring Amy Adams alongside Jeremy Renner, “La La Land”; a beautiful musical paying homage to classic musicals of the 1950s, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling and “Fences” starring Denzel Washington. Other honorable mentions are “Hidden Figures”, “Moonlight”, “Manchester By the Ocean”, “Lion” amongst others.

In an interview with Gündem’s Correspondent, Anas Abdulhak, few EMU students shared their thoughts on the Oscars, and what movies they hoped would win the esteemed award of Best Picture.

“Honestly, I really want to see Hidden Figures win!” Ferdousse Atfi, a 20-year-old student from Morocco, stated. When asked why, Atfi responded “It was just such a great movie about three African American women who contributed so much to the world and science, and it’s really nice to see movies like that”

Hasnaa Atfi, Ferdousse’s sister, had different opinions on the matter, stating “As much as I love Hidden Figures, I think La La Land will win. It was such a good musical and it was really heartwarming and just, pure fun”.

In the Media café, I ran into Mohamed Obada Bahri, a Radio, TV and Film student whom I believed would have better insight on which film he’d like to win. “Fences should win. There is no other answer, the acting, the cinematography and the entire movie was absolutely amazing! It says a lot about how good a movie is when most of it is inside a house. That’s where the acting really shines”. Having not seen the movie myself, I nodded and agreed with him. Rada Daghstani had other opinions on the matter, she said jokingly “Honestly, just give an Oscar for ‘Arrival’ for the sake of Amy Adams, that girl works way too hard and she’s really underappreciated”. Rada was referring to the fact that Amy Adams has been nominated for five Oscars and never won any. It’s a running joke between movie fans that Amy Adams may be the new Leonardo DiCaprio, but that may all change Sunday, the 26th when the 89th Academy Awards ceremony takes place in Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California!

Story by Anas Abdulhak