Open Letter to EMU’s Freshmen


Dear new student, yes! You are out in the world now, one that is very different from what you are used to. TRNC, EMU, home to savory meals and snacks, literarily the most secure place on earth, the most unique community I have ever come across, rich in culture, yet exclusively diversified. This new world where you will be spending the next 4-6 years of your life, you will make it your home; you will enjoy the beauty and essence of the island. Some days you will be home sick, you will cry and laugh through some challenges, other times you will just be confused and without direction and at some point you will consider quitting, but you won’t because you will grow to understand that nothing good comes easy.

Dear freshmen, it is okay to have your heart set on a 4.0 GPA, we all do, it is okay that you basically feed on kebab every day because that’s all you know, it’s okay to unwind with numerous social activities, just don’t get distracted. Those pesky 8:30 am classes in the cold of the fall, they just never end, or the really long nights studying.  Those gut wrenching hours just before your transcript is updated at the end of the semester, you will be on your portal every day of that week, and every hour of each day. You will attend all the graduation ceremonies to celebrate with your friends, but mostly because you are beyond anxious for yours to come. Your first few semesters will be countdowns to the end of your program but the last few will be reminiscence of how far you have come, it is vital that you have a big plan for your 4 years in EMU, and a contingency plan too will come in handy for when you get stuck.

Dear freshmen, you will probably spend all your allowance on your first shopping spree along the salamis road, it is okay because now you know better, you will be discouraged the first time to try to shop online or import anything, yes our address is not on the map. You will try to converse in Turkish with Turkish speakers out of the excitement from trying to learn a new language. Your first year in TRNC, you will feel trapped even though you will live most of your days in Lefkosia, Girne, or neighboring countries, and the more you visit, the more you will wish you lived there. You will miss the community that is EMU, the fact that you could literarily walk to anywhere in Famagusta; you will have a Turkish friend that is either named, “Mehmet, or Bahriye”. But at the end of it all, you will love every single memory and experience you had in EMU, the Diploma, the knowledge and first-hand experience at life, things you wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Dear Novice, love EMU, enjoy and explore EMU to the fullest, you will be grateful for such an opportunity.

Story by Faith Nwogbo