Underwater Videographer, Can Bekcan Talks Scuba Diving Experience in Famagust

(L-R: Phil Cannings, Erkan Taş, Can Bekcan, Maria Ayça Koçdağ, Ş. Kurtuluş Özdemir, Meral Mia Ateş, Seyhan Balat)

As difficult as the name might sound, scuba diving is educative and entertaining. It is an underwater activity and there are different purposes for diving. Free diving is considered to be a sport. Technical diving is a different type of diving that requires schooling for one to be able to dive with sea animals. It’s important to know that free diving, technical diving and scuba diving are similar but not the same. They are all done for different reasons and as such, categorized differently. Scuba diving is also different from swimming. It requires the use of diving equipment (buoyancy control device) while swimming doesn’t necessarily require any suit. It’s important to know that to be a scuba diver, you don’t need to be good at swimming, because you are only provided with equipment that can help you balance underwater. The best thing about scuba diving is size, you don’t have to be a certain size to be a scuba diver but if you have health issues, it is not advisable to dive.

To be a scuba diver, you need to attend some classes in other to help you understand sea animals as well as protect yourself while you are underwater. Typically, in this class, there is a leader and an assistant. The reason why you have two instructors is to have one in front while diving to guide and show you the way and the second at the back to check and make sure no one is left behind. These divers, have license which enables them to be real instructor. Scuba diving does not require you to be on any diet but it’s advisable not to drink before you dive. The first thing you are taught in diving class is how to use the BCD (buoyancy control device) underwater to control balance while diving. Aside this, you are told to obey the leader and not touch anything underwater. This class helps you to know the importance of togetherness as you are always assigned  to a partner. The essence of this partner is to have someone watch and protect you while you do the same. During diving, nonverbal cues are put to use because since verbal communication is impossible underwater.

Can Bekcan, an open water scuba instructor (PADI), underwater photographer and videographer and also a research assistant in the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies spoke to us about his diving experiences. Can started scuba diving at EMU Scuba Club in 2003 and he has gone for various photo and video competitions. He also has two documentaries about underwater archaeological excavation, which were broadcasted on TRT Belgesel and İzTV in Turkey, and he got his first diving license in 2003. His second license was given to him in Girne and he became a diving instructor in 2016. When asked about his experiences and what diving means to him, he made us understand that diving is a way of getting in touch with a new world. He also said that before now, he dives for fun and he loves the feeling that comes with diving but being an instructor has mandated him to be more responsible for the life of others. He also reinforced that, to be a successful scuba diver, one should be ready to obey instructions and also try as much as possible to avoid hurting water inhabitants.

Story by Deborah Ugbe