2na Annual Congress of Eastern Mediterranean University’s Pharmacy Students Society

Photographer: Jose Onwualu/EMU Gündem English Newspaper

The Pharmacy Students Society of Eastern Mediterranean University celebrates their 2nd annual congress this Spring. The conference themed “Mental Health” began on the 11th of May and is scheduled to last until the 16th of May 2017. With a host of activities and seminars, the congress has proven to be insightful, educational, informative and also entertaining for the prominent pharmacists, medical personnel, students and invited guests in attendance.

Speaking about Mental Health and Artidote Jovanny Varela Ferryera, the Founder and Curator of Artidote; a platform to bond, story-tell and heal from Mental Illnesses through Art, elaborated on the effect Social Media has on people suffering with Mental Illnesses. He said, people who suffer from Mental Health use Social Media as an escape route to get away from the problems really affecting them and also to find some form of comfort from these media platforms. According to him, Mental Illnesses do not just occur, they are a result of great moments of stress, emotional pain, abuse etc. People who are caught up in any of these situations are most likely to be unable to cope with such situations. He said “There’s a way of solving Mental stress externally through our company and surroundings”. He shared stories with the audience of People with Mental illnesses, who survived eventually, he believes that bonding through stories, and through being aware of our environments, helps with improving Mental Health.

In a presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buket Aksu, Vice Dean of the Istanbul Kemerbuegaz University, he focused on speaking about Multiples Sclerosis, a chronic, progressive, inflammatory disease most prevalent in North America. He spoke about its causes, effects and treatments.

Khalid El-hassouni, an EMU Moroccan Pharmacy student and also an executive committee member for the event expressed his satisfaction about the success of the program. He explained that the Pharmacy Congress is an affiliation of the EMU Pharmacy Students Society which was established on 14th May which happens to be the same date for Pharmacy Day, it is however the 2nd Edition of the Pharmacy Congress, and it is their desire to host it annually.

Romina Rashidfarokkhi, an Iranian Pharmacy student who happens to be attending and participating in the program for the first time was full of praises for it, she said “As a Pharmacy student, it’s good to have these kinds of events because they are very beneficial for our future, I wish more Pharmacy students would participate and attend”.

With many activities, seminars, workshops and trainings lined up, the Congress is expected to have a lasting impact on attendees.

Story By Jemimah Atii

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