How to Manage Your First Year Efficiently as a Freshman in EMU


What does a freshman feel for the first time while stepping on a university campus; excitement, fear and/or hope or all of the above? Life in a new university is full of adventures, lessons and discoveries. Realizing that one has left his/her home behind and have to start living a real adult life can be overwhelming but it can be well managed. To make the adjustment to a new atmosphere a bit easy, here are some tips that can be really helpful.

The beauty of EMU is in its diversity, so, seeing people from different countries you are expected to have “cultural shock”. Other students’ behavior and mentality may seem unusual to you in some way, but it doesn’t mean that it is better or worse than yours, it is only different. To explore and enjoy the true beauty of this university, you shouldn’t be with your in-groupers (i.e. people from same tribe, country or language) all the time. This way, you can make as many international friends as possible. This will also be a really good opportunity for you to learn about other people’s culture and make lifetime friends.

Regarding attending classes, for the first time when enter into your class, you will see that most of the students prefer to sit at the back. There are several reasons why they do so; some are shy or feel uncomfortable but some just don’t want to be bothered. Don’t be like that. Take your sit at the very front of the class, so the instructor will remember you. Try to be active in the class and don’t be afraid of asking questions. The more you participate and show your desire to learn, the more your instructor will support you during your studies.

Finally, the last advice that you should take into consideration is that you should try not to lose yourself and remember why you are here. Student life is full of fun but “fun” should be interpreted in a good and a right way. As an adult, you are responsible for whatever you do and any wrong action can greatly affect your future so, think twice before you consider doing something. Use your “freedom” wisely.

For a child to walk, he/ she needs the assistance of the parents. Freshmen also need some guides during this defining moment.

The unforgettable years of your life just started, don’t be afraid of beginnings. Embrace every opportunity to discover something new. Being in university is not only about studying and having fun but also becoming an adult with responsibilities and obligations. You are the captain of your boat, watch carefully where you are heading!

By Viola Balasanova