The Power of Failure


“I cried a lot. It was so embarrassing…” said famous actress Lisa Kudrow in one of her interviews. She was telling a story about how she got fired from the movie she was going to play in and how her dreams of becoming an actress collapsed. Much later, she met her husband and she got a role in the famous TV series, Friends. “Thank God I got fired” said Lisa, admitting that there is always a reason behind everything that is going on in our lives.

Lisa’s example is just a drop in the ocean. Sometimes, we all experience the times when it seems that there is no way out from the difficulties we face and we start questioning why life is unjust to us. Facing some impasse, we no longer believe in miracles. We don’t live at this point; we exist just like plants. The truth is if things occurred not the way we planned it, it doesn’t mean that it all went wrong. It only means that there is something to learn.

Oprah Winfrey, a talk show icon, at first, was demoted from her job because she wasn’t good for television. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was in deep depression after being fired from the company he worked on. Argentine International and five time Ballon d’Or winner, Lionel Messi, was removed at the age of 11 from his team because of medical condition that made him smaller than other members of his team. All these people are the proof that regardless of all ups and downs we have in our lives, persistence and hard work, soon or later will be always rewarded.

What is meant to be will never escape you and if you do your best to achieve particular things, you have a chance to get them even in different ways and/or time. When our plans do not go along with our expectations, we should trust the direction life is leading us to. Like a sun, coming out unexpectedly during a day can change the weather, unexpected circumstances can turn life to another flow.

By Viola Balasanova