The Ping Bike that Intrigued Everyone on EMU Campus


Spotted around EMU campus, was a bright pink electric bike that captured the attention of many students in the university. Anas Abdulhak, Gundem Correspondent had a sit down with the owner of the bike, Lorainne Habash to talk about the uniqueness of her bike.

“I started to think about getting an electric bike, at first, I wanted any kind of bike, not dependent on the color. I was trying to find one to make my life easier, with transportation to the university” She said about how she bought the bike.

When asked about whether or not she was worried about getting a bike with a pink color, Lorainne had this to say. “The color was pink, I was confused about buying a pink electric bike, I was thinking about the people and how they would think. So it was a difficult decision. But when I got it and started using it in front of people, it was so nice, because it made me special”.

“Everyone loved it, and they liked how a girl was using an electric bike, because most people see that electric bikes or bicycles are for boys and not for girls”, She said about people’s reactions to the bike. And continued by saying.  “It was so fun to use an electric bike, because you will feel like everyone is looking at you when you ride the bike, and everyone would stop you and ask you where did you buy this bike?”.

When asked if she would recommend an electric bike to women, Lorainne said “I encourage every girl to buy whatever she likes, we live once and we have to enjoy our lives, far from worrying about people’s opinions or what they’ll say. You have to live your life, enjoy it and go on adventures. And it is really fun when you ride an electric bike, you get to see the nature and see the world in a different way, and I encourage everyone to get one”.

By Anas Abdulhak