90th Academy Awards: EMU’s Film Students React


The annual Academy Awards took place on the 4th of March, 2018, many extremely well crafted movies were nominated and it was said that this year’s race for the awards, would be the tightest one yet. And that, it was.

Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water took home the two biggest prizes for Best Picture and Best Director. While other movies that were nominated for best picture as well, won awards in other categories. Get Out winning Best Screenplay, Call Me By Your Name won Best Adaptation and Dunkirk won Best Editing. So I decided to go talk to the film students of EMU, to see their reactions to the wins and loses in this year’s Oscars.

“How do you feel about Blade Runner winning best cinematography and best CGI” I asked Mohammed Bahri, to which he responded saying “Actually, I was really happy. Because I watched this movie, it was so long, like weirdly long, but watching it, the cinematography and the shots were really good, I wasn’t bored at all. So yeah, I wanted it to win. And thankfully it did!”

I turned to speak to Nayla Wafaii, on whether or not she believed Get Out deserved the award for Best Screenplay, to which she disagreed with the win by saying “The script was so slow, like some actions could have been shorter, but they made it too long. And it made me get bored with the movie, so I actually didn’t eve watch it until the end.”

Kinana Kaseer was very supportive of The Shape of Water taking home the biggest prizes, saying “I highly support the wins. I loved the story, I love the way it was shot. I mean, I like fiction so a little bit of drama made it very interesting!”

The next interviewee wasn’t comfortable sharing their name but I inquired them about their feelings on Call Me By Your Name winning Best Adaptation, to which they answered “I felt like it deserved it. I don’t know, there’s just something about translating a book. Because it was a book and it was into a movie, and sometimes when directors try to make a movie from a book, they never capture the essence of the book. But with Call Me By Your Name, they actually did. I was drawn to it more and they captured something quite different that you don’t see on mainstream media. It deserved it. And if you ask me, it should’ve won Best Picture”

And so, the awards season for films wraps up with the Oscars, with many more amazing films coming out this year that we’ll discuss, and that will surely make the next one, even more difficult.

By Anas Abdulhak