Ayse Cinar Speaks at EMU’s Career Week


On the 13th of March, 2018 as part of the 6th annual Career Week in Eastern Mediterranean University, the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies hosted Ayse Cinar, the fashion and accessories coordinator of Kenar Group of Companies.

Miss Cinar was the keynote speaker about brands and personal branding, where she discussed what it means to be a contemporary brand, the definition of brand as well as the definition of personal brand, and what kind of brands we want to be.

Elaborating on the definition of brand, she explained saying, “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or other features that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the consumer” with common characteristics such as having a logo, a corporate color, corporate identity, providing products and services and establishing a relationship with their consumers.

She later explained that it’s rather crucial that a brand has a love-mark instead of just a normal customer, saying that a brand has a love-mark when a customer is in love with a certain brand or product and thus you have them as a customer for life.

Miss Caner then went on to tell the audience about the company where she works, Kenar Group of Companies, which is essentially an import and domestic distribution company founded in 1942. They handle franchise operations as well as duty free operations, which is where Miss Cinar works, hand in hand with over six hundred other employees, two hundred of which are in the duty-free operations alone.

She continued by telling the attendees what a corporate identity is by saying, “[it’s] related to how we look and conduct ourselves and our capabilities, our skills and competencies”. Ending her speech by explaining the most important ways to promote personal brands, Miss Cinar explained that having being able to work in a team, having proper skills, being reliable, original, authentic and open to change are all crucial elements a person must have in order to promote their personal brands.

After that, Miss Cinar accepted some questions from the audience and ended her time taking pictures with faculty members and students in attendance.

Career Week continues in EMU with more and more big names and keynote speakers coming to Cyprus to share their skills and experiences with the students in order to help them have a clear understanding of how the market works so they can enter the workforce post-graduation with a clear vision of how the world works.

By Anas Abdulhak