Filmmaking as a Survival Kit by Rahme Veziroğlu


Sociologist Rahme Vezrioglu, a creator of several documentaries and art films, known for her very distinct style and vision in filmmaking, guest lectured today March 29th 2018 in the Faculty of Communication and Media studies. She spoke on how she uses filmmaking as a tool to survive and spread ideas that echo stronger than words using moving images, sound and editing. She spoke about her experiences traveling the world, starting out with expressing her ideas through visuals while drawing inspiration from her field in sociology and psychology.

Interestingly, Rahme never studied cinema and wasn’t involved in film festivals earlier on. Throughout the event, she talked about her success and challenges. She said that it is very challenging to shoot something that would resonate with the world.  For her, while shooting a movie, it is really important to ask “How do I feel about the topic?” This is because all the feelings that are put for its creation will be transferred to the audience. The lecture was buttressed with the showcase of some works shot by her from around the world and the event ended with a question and answer session from students and professors present at the event.

By Viola Balasanova and Anas Abdulhak