Don’t Let Your Allergies Ruin Spring

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Oh, how I love spring, everything seems to come alive. The birds chirping, the sun shining, wind blowing, pollen ‘flying’ and like that’s not enough, allergies thriving. Spring is such great times of the year until you have to sniff your day away and lose count of the number of times you’ve been asked if you’re crying or why you always a flu. You are not alone when it comes to that part; however, this is not about the hustle and bustle of allergies coming alive. It is about taming those allergies and enjoying spring.

Every battle ever fought required weapons; in this case our day to day weapons would be tissue or a handkerchief, sunglasses and water. I can’t emphasize this enough and here is why.

  1. You don’t want to find yourself wiping your eyes or nose with your clothes.
  2. Sunglasses aren’t only made to protect your eyes from sun rays.
  3. You have to stay well hydrated in order for your body to flash out certain allergens.

Now let the battle begin.

Keep windows closed

I don’t know about you who is reading this right now but I never check what the pollen count is but if you do that’s good for you. I am aware that some days are better than others but either way; you’ve got to keep your windows closed. That way, the wind doesn’t blow into the room and leave pollen particles lying around. Using an air conditioner is better because the air is filtered.

Avoid touching your face anyhow

It is tempting to constantly rub your nose or eyes when that soul deep itch won’t go away. It’s soothing for a little while until you begin to swell or your skin and eyes suddenly become a different color. It becomes worse because we are constantly touching different things with our hands. Not only are our hands dirty, they also probably have pollen on them and touching your face just transfers it closer to sensitive areas. If you are going to touch your face, make sure you wash your hands with soap. This not only helps with allergies but it is also a way to avoid having breakouts on your face.

Sunglasses and a hat

Sunglasses and hats aren’t only fashionable; they’re a form of protective gear. They’re commonly worn to complete an outfit or to avoid being scorched by the sun. Sunglasses also protect our eyes from particles in the air and yes, that includes pollen. Hats shield our heads and faces from sunrays and certain particles too. Hats and sunglasses make the perfect tag team.

Tissue or handkerchief

Tissue or a handkerchief are a must have in case you have a running nose. The debate of which one is better to use is ongoing and that’s something I won’t go into. Whatever the case just pick whichever one of the two is best for you and carry them around with you. I prefer to carry a pocket pack of tissue.

Rain is your best friend

Rain can sometimes ruin plans but on the bright side, rainy days are the best because the pollen count is low. Pollen gets washed away from the air. This is the best time to run your errands because you won’t have to worry about what state your eyes or nose is in.

Shower before bed

After a long day outside, pollen gets trapped onto clothes, hair, skin etc. It basically holds on to whatever comes in its way. Taking a shower after a long day can be a drag sometimes but it is very helpful. It washes away most pollen and that offers a form of relief and relaxation.

Change your sheets regularly

Most of us usually can’t wait to get home and just throw ourselves on the bed like nothing else matters. This usually means we contribute to the traces of pollen on our beds. Changing into something fresh and more comfortable is much better. Even though we may shower every day before bed, we still have to change our sheets regularly. Why? Well this is because dirt collects. It may not only be pollen or poor ventilation causing your stuffy nose at night but a combination of dust and sweat trapped in your sheets.

With all this shared, I hope you have victorious days and enjoy the rest of the season.

By Mutinta Simushi