PhD Candidate Elnaz Nasehi Defends Her Dissertation on Iranian Cinema

Photographer: Can Bekcan. (L-R: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurten Kara, Elnaz Nasehi)

On Friday 26th of April 2018, Elnaz Nasehi, an Iranian PhD candidate of the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies defended her dissertation entitled “The ambivalence of the unveiled: A feminist reading on Asghar Farhadi films” in FCMS 109.

The event which started at about 3:25pm was graced by Elnaz’s supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurten Kara, members of her colloquium, external jury members and graduate students of the faculty. The candidate introduced herself and spoke about what her thesis entailed. She emphasized the significance of her study among other important issues as it buttresses her discourse on the representation of women in Iranian cinema within the framework of feminist film studies.  She addressed the role of women in cinema and how the neo-patriarchy narratives run within films in the Iranian context. She also talked about how neo-patriarchy shapes cinematic conscious/unconscious choices of the filmmaker and Iranian society/cinema. After her conclusive remarks, the event ended with questions from the Jury and professors present at the events. At the end, she was congratulated by all and sundry for a job well done.

In a short interview with Gundem’s Faith Edigin, Mrs. Elnaz Nasehi expressed her joy. She advised and encouraged other Ph.D. students to remain focused and not waste their time on unnecessary activities in the school instead they should finish quickly and continue their career.

By Faith Iwinosa Edigin