The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research Organized Thesis Formatting and Appearance Guidelines Presentation for Graduate Students

Photographer: Anas Abdulhak

The Institute of Graduate Studies and Research presented a thesis format seminar yesterday, May 9th2018 in the Central Lecture Room 23 at about 10:30 am.

Negar Fazlollahi, the keynote speaker addressed how the appearance and format of Master’s thesis or PhD dissertation should be. She began by talking about the first pages such as cover page and signature or approval page. She discussed the placements of every item on the two pages, as well as font size and font type that is appropriate for the two pages as well as the entirety of the thesis itself.

She moved on to speak about page numbering, margins, paragraph and line spacing as well as indentation of the first lines of the paragraphs. She later broke down the structure of thesis formats and the order of which everything should go and how references come after the thesis chapters, followed by appendix and then the proper way to bind the thesis for final submission and defense.

Ms. Fazlollahi also offered the attendees information about the templates offered by the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research and all the tools available on the site to assist students on their journeys to completing their thesis. All templates and resources can be found here.

By Anas Abdulhak