International Night at Eastern Mediterranean University


International Night is a long-standing tradition at Eastern Mediterranean University. It is the university’s largest and most exciting festival that brings cultures from different parts of the world together. EMU is famously known for its cultural diversity; with more than 30 countries represented at the EMU, the event is a chance to discover the world all in one place, it is a wonderful platform for all the students at EMU to display the rich heritage of their cultures and a time for them to learn about other cultures around the world.

This year’s International Night which was organized by the school’s International night was nothing far from amazing. The event which began at 8:00 pm on the 11th of May 2018 had a large turn up of students at the school’s Central Lecture Square all eager to witness a remarkable display of the cultures represented in EMU.

The event featured a representation of cultures from every part of the world in dance, music, traditional attire, traditional food etc. Stands were setup for every country to display cultural artifacts from their countries, clubs, societies and dormitories were also available at the stands.

The event was honored with performances by EMU students from diverse countries such as Nigeria, Chad, Palestine, Iran, and a host of other countries. The event which ended at 12am had students grinning from ear to ear as they headed to the after party organized by the university.

By Faith Edigin and Jemimah Atii