EMU Students React to the Royal Wedding


May 19th marked the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to the -now Duchess of Sussex- Meghan Markle. Which is, as all Royal Weddings are, a major event that the entire world tunes in to watch. But this matrimony is a first of its kind. As Meghan Markle is the first American, Biracial and divorcee to enter the Royal Family in recent years. That alone, sparked a lot of backlash and controversy from royal purists but it is a huge step for the United Kingdom that reflects positively in cultural impact. So, we decided to ask some EMU students about what they thought of this historic moment.

“What did you think of the royal wedding and do you think it holds any cultural significance?” was our first question. To which Nayla Wafaai answered “I didn’t really tune in to watch it. But I’ve been reading about it online. And despite me not being English, it’s really interesting to me. I only knew Meghan Markle as an actress in ‘Suits’. And the fact that she’s the first half African American to be a part of the royal family is a huge deal that will have a lot of influence on British people and the world in general”.

“I think it’s really significant because it’s breaking a lot of boundaries and challenging a lot of views on what is and what isn’t considered to be royal. Like from the perspective of societal norms alone, no other royal princess was ever a divorcee. Let alone American or biracial. This also came in a moment where a lot of views are being challenged, especially with the whole Brexit situation and what it actually means to be British” May Entesar chimed in.

We then asked about how royal weddings are always a huge event that millions of people spectate and what they thought of that. To which Nayla replied “Well, royal weddings are a big deal. It’s always been that way. They’re always a huge event and they’re so extravagant and polished. The entire world’s eyes are on this wedding and they make it perfect every time”.

“I know it’s just a wedding, but I think people really care because it stands for so much more. The royal family is seen as the epitome of perfection and they represent the ideal version of society for many people. So having a person like Meghan Markle join the family. That’s a game changer” May said.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were wedded in Windsor Castle in the UK. Many high profile guests attended the wedding besides the royal family. Including Elton John, Oprah Winfrey and many other A-List celebrities from across the world. This wedding is considered a step forward despite major controversies and media backlash concerning the bride. Nonetheless, we wish the newly wed couple all the best and hope to see many more progressive steps taken in the world in regards to inclusivity and diversity.

By Anas Abdulhak