Editor’s Note: Welcome Fall Semester 2018-2019


As a new semester starts and is already well in full swing, it’s encouraging to embrace many other fresh beginnings in our environment. Across the campus we note differences, with new faces bringing the possibility of new friendships, new places to visit inviting the opportunity of new experiences, new classes luring fresh information to enlighten us and transport us to a new tomorrow.

As I take the position as the new editor for the Gündem Newspaper, I salute Adeola Abdulateef Elega, the departing editor, and wish him well in his new position.

While we welcome new beginnings, here at Gündem we still intend on bringing to you the Gündem programs you know and love; such as ‘Vox pops’, ‘Word of the week’, and ‘Did you know?’ Please continue to follow us for this and to stay on agenda.

Lastly; I would like to part with this message, that the world is full of new, and every second of every day is a new one. The trick here essentially is to be prepared for what tomorrow may bring. Like the great Nelson Mandela once said; ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ What you do today will determine your tomorrow, so make tomorrow the best it can be.

From the Editor of Gündem Newspaper and all of the team here, we wish all of our students an amazing semester.

-The Editor

Hanife Erişen