EMU Student Exchange is Open for Applications, Fall 2018-2019


With more students showing an Interest in the EMU Student Exchange Program, the Student Exchange office held a presentation in order to provide all the necessary information on the Program, from the requirements to participate in the program to the exciting benefits that could be gained from participating in such an opportunity.

The presentation which was held on the 22nd of October at the EMU Mustafa Afsin Ersoy hall recorded a remarkable attendance of students interested in the exchange program. The presentation which began at 16:55pm had the Student Exchange Officer, Mrs. Hanife Erisen as the convener of the event.

In her introductory speech, she welcomed the students to the event and thanked them for their interest in the program. She proceeded to tell them about the program stating that “The EMU Student Exchange Program grants students studying towards their degrees, an opportunity to spend a semester or two at one of the universities EMU has an agreement with”. She further informed  the students about the successful collaboration EMU had established with universities for the student exchange program saying, “In total, we have 26 universities across 20 countries that our students can have an exchange experience at, these countries are Albania, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Italy, Lithuania, Nigeria, Palestine, Holland, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, USA”.

Speaking about the requirements for the program, Mrs. Erisen stated that interested students should have a minimum CGPA of 2.75, she also advised that students can only apply from their 3rd Semester onwards, and are strongly encouraged not to apply in their final semester as this may be a problem during the graduation period. She mentioned that students would first need to get permission from their departments first before they can participate in the exchange program.

Speaking about the financial requirements, Mrs. Erisen informed that students would only be required to pay their normal tuition fees to EMU; however, they would be responsible for their dormitory, upkeep and visa costs. She strongly advised the students to consider the financial costs before making a decision about participating in the program.

The presentation ended on a high note with a session of questions and answers; the students were encouraged by the information they received and were reminded to ensure that they carefully considered all the requirements before applying for the program so as not to take the place of other qualified students who desired to apply. Students departed the hall encouraged and full of hope with the prospects that such a program could bring.


Jemimah Serumenter Atii