EMU Busy Bee’s


While sitting in the class and listening to a lecture, as usual your gaze unexpectedly drops to the window. The view of the green campus outspreads in front of your eyes, and you observe how the wind is tenderly embracing the trees in a way that makes leaves dance in the air.

While memories of the summer unexpectedly flash in your mind, a change of tone from the professor’s voice brings you back to reality. The professor writes some dates on the board and without even hearing the missed information; you know exactly what it means: exams are coming.

Like busy bees gathering around the flowers, students of EMU are heading to the library, leaving absolutely no space for latecomers. Their hands are constantly writing something; eyes are focused on the book. Students desperately try to memorize such information as dates, formulas, definitions, hoping it will not leave their minds till the examination.

The campus itself becomes very crowded too: thousands of people going backwards and forwards with their notebooks in the hands. Some nervously play with their pens or talk to friends in order to find at least some comfort during this hard time. The viewing of Instagram is replaced by the viewing notes in cafés and restaurants, accompanied by a glass of strong coffee.

At this time of overwhelm, Gundem newspaper wants to wish students good luck. Like every single mid-term, you will be amazing and the difficult time will pass, leaving behind a better version of you.
Viola Balasanova