Department of Cinema and Television’s High Honor and Honour Ceremony with Aysu Basri Akter


To round up every Semester, the Department of Cinema and Television gets together in celebration and appreciation of its outstanding students from the previous semester. This year’s ceremony which was held on the 26th of December had the rare privilege of hosting as the keynote speaker, the Director of Bayrak Radio, Television Corporation, Aysu Basri Akter who is also a graduate from the Department of Radio, Television and Film.

The ceremony which was held at the department’s Purple Hall began at 11:30am and had the department’s staff, students and well-wishers in attendance. To welcome everyone and introduce the keynote speaker for the event, the Chair of the department, Mrs. Bahire Efe Ozad expressed her joy and contentment of seeing her students who have worked really hard being honored.

In introducing the speaker, she gave a short history of how the BRT corporation came into existence explaining that it is the official radio and television broadcasting corporation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and its establishment dates as far back as 1963 when the inter-communal violence between the Greek and Turkish communities effectively ended co-operative ventures.

Speaking to the audience, Aysu Basri Akter expressed how pleased she was to be attending the ceremony and congratulated all the outstanding students. In her speech, she spoke about how the field of Journalism has contributed to the development of Northern Cyprus, she also stated that even although North Cyprus media has not had very much success in the area of Cinema, it has recorded tremendous success in the Radio and TV sector. She also explained how the main setback of working as a Journalist was in being objective, and adhering to the ethical principles of Journalism.

After her speech, the floor was open for questions open to both students and staff to ask, with the speaker leaving no questions unanswered. To round up the event, the chair of the department, Mrs. Bahire Efe Ozad thanked the key speaker for being a part of the ceremony, and requested that she present the certificates to the students. Amidst applauses and cheers from their well-wishers, the outstanding students were handed their certificates. The ceremony came to an end after a series of picture taking and snack sharing. We wish all the certificate recipients all the best in their future careers.