How Social Media Can Benefit Your Career


Many people log on to Social Network Sites (SNS) daily to meet their social and information needs, however SNS is utilised for other not so hidden benefits today and one of them is in the career and employment sector. SNS has become a part of millions of people’s lives, platforms they tap in to frequently and communicate with more than they may do with anyone else, so what better tool to utilise in selling yourself to potential employers, or vice versa, to find the perfect employee by not just evaluating what is on the application form? Realising this unique quality of SNS, platforms like LinkedIn have been designed specifically for the locating of employers and employees alike, and an area where people display their professional selves.

The growth of the internet has made it easy for job seekers and employers to look for prospects on SNS. Recruitment marketing specialists Talent Works International stated that while 48-59% of job candidates utilise SNS in the search for potential employment opportunities and researching companies they have an interest in, 55-87% of employers use Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit candidates.

For anyone job hunting or graduating soon, it is essential in today’s internet climate to create a professional representation of yourself by updating and optimizing your social media profiles into that of a professional one. This will help any job hunter curate and showcase content focused on your skills and area of specialization and will make it easier for employers to find you, even without applying for the job. Clair Gonzalez, branch manager of HR and administrative staffing at HireStrategy, a staffing firm based in Reston, Virginia asserts that “Jobs that have specific skill requirements are likely good options for using social media to recruit”.

Taking part in social media online job platforms is also the right step forward. Taking part in online communities like twitter and job search that are rich in career discussions, focusing on trending topics in the corporate world, can offer you valuable information on growing your own career. In addition, with such groups, you can come across recruiters and also connect and interact with other likeminded individuals with diverse skills, knowledge and experience who can help you gain more insights in your area of specialization.

Greg Simpson, Senior Vice President at Lee Hecht Harrison HR Consulting Company admitted in a press statement that managers and recruiters uses social media in all phases of the selection process. With potential employers frequently updating their SNS, potential employees can certainly do the same, by locating their SNS and finding out more about them. This strategy keeps you updated about the company’s relevant information such as vacancies, new ventures, missions, projects and many more.

There is no doubt that today SNS is used by both job seekers and job recruiters alike. By planning and executing wisely, anyone can use SNS to improve their job opportunities, and so can you.

By Faith Edigin


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