Reporting from the Eastern Mediterranean

Photograph: Gundem

As part of the 7th International Career Days at the Eastern Mediterranean University, the Faculty of Communications and Media Studies received Journalist and Eastern Mediterranean correspondent for Polish Press Agency, Agnieszka Rakoczy on the 4th of April 2019. Rakoczy enlightened the participants on the subject “Reporting from the Eastern Mediterranean”. Various staff and students from departments all over emu gathered for a discussion on life as a professional Journalist. Rakoczy kicked off the event by walking the audience through her various career paths, she explained how she started out writing about art and eventually grew to even greener pastures. Rakoczy discussed spending two years as a media consultant in Sudan teaching journalism and more.

Rakoczy explained the importance of responsible journalism, highlighting factors such as refraining from publishing an article if the price the source will pay is more than the articles worth or the importance of speaking to members of the society and not just experts in the field you are writing on. All the participants of the event understood from Rakoczy’s deliverance that as a journalist, you don’t have to just take what you’re given and that they have the choice to go the extra mile and do even more. The event was interactive with Rakoczy touching on how the general public no longer want to talk to journalists and the methods and approach you need to apply for them to open up to you. The session concluded with guests eager to ask questions which Rakoczy made sure to answer. Agnieszka Rakoczy was honoured with a plaque and participants gathered around to take pictures.


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