Galore of Excitement at Palestinian Students’ Cultural Night

Cultural Dance Group
Drama performance troop

The evening of Saturday, April 27, 2019 was full of excitement at the Rauf Raif Culture and Congress Center as the Eastern Mediterranean University’s General Union of Palestinian Students hosted their cultural night. The event which was tagged “A Tale and Vision” featured an abundance of activities including musical and dance performances, lucky draw coupons and a gallery..

Participants feasted on a variety of traditional foods such as Musakhan, Maqluba, Falafel and Hummus while Palestinian heritage galleries captured the attention of the guests with

Palestinian traditional foods tent

photos and videos depicting the lives of the Palestinian people, as well as theatrical plays and drama presentations that mimic the issues of martyrs, prisoners and refugees in Jerusalem. While responding to questions from Gundem Team at the venue, one of the organizers, Alaa Kheder expressed that the event aimed at showcasing the cultural heritage of Palestine, and she was delighted with the crowd across different nationalities who attended from the university community and beyond.

The Palestinian night which sees a high level of organisation and energy on behalf of the Palestinian society and students, sees their hard work and efforts paid off by the turn out on the evening, and what an evening it was.



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