Nigerian Student Society President Ika: “We Will Announce our Food Banks Soon”


Victor Ika is an undergraduate student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Eastern Mediterranean University, and also the current Nigerian Student Society President of EMU. As well as new educative programs and the ongoing entertainment organisations, Ika expressed that while he is in office, one of his main focuses is on the welfare of Nigerian students during their stay in North Cyprus, which means accommodation and food. “Very soon we are going to put up an announcement for the food bank”

The Nigerian Students Society President at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Victor Ika, who is also a student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, shared with us in an interview his experiences as the society’s president.

Connecting the Nigerian Students to the University

He explained in the interview that the reason why it is important that there is a Nigerian Student Society in Eastern Mediterranean university is because they help to bring all Nigerian students together and also help the International Office to reach out to every Nigerian student and have effect on all of them. The society is also at hand to deal with some of the culture shock experienced by the Nigerian students, assisting with the adaptation process; “we help the International Office to relate to our issues that may be peculiar to Nigerian students and not peculiar to non-Nigerian students, so mainly it helps the International Office relate to us better based on what we need directly”.

Another important function of the society is while serving as a link between the Nigerian students and the University, if Nigerian students have a need that pertain to social or financial issues, the Nigerian students society serve as a body that connects or conveys those needs to the International Office. He stated that the society also helps in the welfare of students who needs it when necessary and helps to solve disputes and bring Nigerian students together.

Nigerian Student Welfare is Priority

When asked about his inspiration in becoming the society president, Ika expressed that he wasn’t happy about how the society was viewed or perceived as they had lost their place and trust by the university and how welfare programs had been neglected, so he decided to step up in an aim to change this perception while also helping those he can within their lives after university while improving the lives of students still at EMU through welfare programs that are beneficial to them, including food banks, units of accommodation that are less expensive for example, “very soon we are going to put up an announcement for the food bank” Ika advised.

“If there’s an emergency, you will be the first person who receives the call, even if it’s the middle of the night”

Ika enlightened with the responsibilities of a society president, “You’re the number one student who gets to be called if anything goes wrong in the society, so if there’s an emergency, you will be the first person who receives the call, even if it’s the middle of the night.” Ensuring the welfare of all Nigerian students at EMU, Ika is also responsible for bringing everyone together in peace, unity and harmony, and that is why they organize events such as the Nigerian night, football tournaments and also other programs that are not only entertaining but educative as well which will benefit the Nigerian students and other international students as well. This part is a positive and significant change for the society in trying to bring students together beyond just entertainment. Ika emphasized that the major difficulty he faces as a Nigerian student President is diplomacy, the fact that everyone has their own opinion and ideas about how things should be done and the opposition he faces puts him in a position where he has to be diplomatic with everyone he is representing while weighing these up with the position of the university. “It puts you in a very tough position most of the time, you know you have to take hard decisions, you have to let go of some certain things because now you have to put the interest of everybody else”.

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