Algerian Student Society President Hamdi: I have made the Algerian Students more visible in EMU


The Algerian Student Society is one of the vastly active societies present in the Eastern Mediterranean University, known for their extremely entertaining events. In an interview with the Algerian Student Society President Mossab Hamdi, who is also a student at the Department of Industrial Engineering at EMU, he told us about the importance of having such a society.

In his explanation he highlighted that the society assisted the Algerian students network and build a stronger relationship with the university. Hamdi made the decision to become the society president through the motivation and encouragement of the society members, based on his previous experience as a cabinet member for almost 3 years in 2 other societies. “As the Algerian Student Society President, I am responsible for all the Algerian students in EMU and serve as their advocate and represent them in all aspects, like a ‘middle man’ between the administrative body of EMU and the Algerian students.

Enhanced awareness of the EMU Algerian students

Additionally to his important responsibilities, Hamdi is also in charge of planning, organizing and executing events such as football tournaments, cultural events (Algerian night), African Grand Student Awards (ASGA), social responsibility programs as well as others that are both educational and entertaining to the students. He noted that these activities help the students feel more at home, experiencing their culture abroad, and also simultaneously enable other international students to experience and become more aware about the Algerian culture.

When asked about his contributions to the society since becoming president, Hamdi advised that he has improved the structure, had brought about organisation and enhanced awareness of the Algerian Student Society by arranging more events and programs that are beneficial to the Algerian students, making them more visible to the administration and visible to other international students. This is achieved through showcasing their cultures and values in events such as Algerian Night and inviting the other international students and administrative officers to these events, which is the main aim and objectives of the Algerian student society.

Hamdi: I wish I could help the Algerian students more

Such a position must bring with it challenges. When enquired on this subject, Hamdi explained that one of the challenges he faces is the fact that he is himself a student who is volunteering his time and effort as a representative of the Algerian students in EMU, and so he is helpless in assisting those who are experiencing financial difficulties. This is a difficult area he faces, as he expressed that he wishes he could help the Algerian students more in that aspect.

Within his final remarks Mossab Hamdi thanked and appreciated his Vice President, team members, the management of EMU and all the Algerian students for being cooperative, their support and for assisting him to make the job easier, as he could never have done it on his own, he also stated that he loves and is happy with the experience as the Algerian student society president and all they have achieved as a team.


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