International Night Gala Dinner


The International Night Gala dinner was celebrated 22nd May 2019 in honour of all of those that participated in the big event itself, International Night on 10th May 2019. Organised by the International Office, Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova who previously stated that the International Night event is his favourite at EMU, gave a speech and thanked all the staff and the performers involved for their relentless effort in organising another successful night and participating in making it great.

The night kicked off at 7.30pm with the master of the ceremony (MC) Mr. Abdulgaffar Olawale Arikewuyo introducing all societies and those present at the event. Following a speech from Prof. Dr. Cem Tanova welcoming all the guests, dinner was served while listening to the talented Kian on stage, who also performed at the International Night while also co-hosting the event. Entertainment for the night included performances from Ozie, who sang for the audience, folklore dance performance by the Turkish folklore group, certificate and award ceremony given to the participants of the night and a raffle draw with many prizes on offer.

Another successful evening came to an end for the International Office with all in attendance having socialised to great entertainment and food, reaping the benefits of their thanks for their hard work in displaying their cultures so well at International Night.


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