Fresh hopes as Int’l Students Elect new representatives


The diversity at Eastern Mediterranean University cannot be overemphasized as it hosts  over 20,000 students from 106 different countries. Knowing the importance of this diversity, the university’s International Office provides avenues for students’ voices to be heard through representations across the many International Students’ Societies that serve serve as liaison between students and the university authorities, in addition to strengthening unity among students and to give them a sense of belonging and recognition.

Each year, elections are organized to enable international students at the Eastern Mediterranean University to elect those who would represent them across the various students societies. This year’s elections were held on November 8 at the Mehmet Tahiroğlu Salonu (popularly known as Blue Hall), where students came in numbers to cast their votes. At the end of it all, results were announced and winners declared for each country’s students society.

A total of 23 countries participated in the 2019 students societies presidential elections; including the Cameroonian Students Society with
Nguh Asanga Fon as the only contestant who was later declared the winner. Safi Aboubakar of the Chadian Students Society and Mariia Lesnikoya of the Russian Students Society were declared winners as unopposed candidates.  Ayaulym Tlektes and Tsdia Gebreamlak emerged winners for the Kazakhstan and Eritrean Students Societies. Ibrahim Sagir who was opposed by Yusuf Jubrin for the Nigerian Students Society, emerged as winner with a total of 212 votes against 104. The Congolese Student Society’s candidate, Josue Bokar emerged as winner to defeat his opponent, Joel Nkoko with 11 votes against 6. Rakan Ziad Hamati who was opposed by Awn Alsukkar in the Jordanian Students Society, emerged winner with 196 votes. The Yemeni Students Society’s candidate, Alwaleed Banafea polled 17 votes to defeat his opponent, Ammas Aljabobi.

As new representatives emerged across the international students societies, students hopes have been renewed while they expect greater collaboration among the international students at the Eastern Mediterranean University.


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