COVID-19: #StayAtHome, stand in solidarity with frontline workers


As the effects of lockdowns resulting from coronavirus continue to hit hard on societies across the world, medical and other essential service providers have been steadfast in the frontline of fighting against the pandemic.

People from around the world have been taking to their windows, balconies, and streets to give a standing ovation and pay tributes to those on the Covid-19 frontline, especially healthcare workers for their tremendous efforts during the challenging times. The phenomenal act of applauding frontline workers reportedly began in Wuhan, China in January 2020 and subsequently spread to various cities in other parts of the world including the TRNC, lasting till mid-April.

Residents of the TRNC are keeping up with the solidarity by obeying the Stay-at-home order, while the government and healthcare workers continue to stretch their abilities to provide the necessary care for persons infected with Covid-19 and preventive measures to slow the spread.

The government and relevant stakeholders are working tirelessly to protect everyone. Their selfless efforts and sacrifices will ever be in our hearts, StayAtHome.



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