The Impact of Girl Child Concern on Child and Human Resources


Girl child concern is a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating lives of youth particular girls through education opportunities.

The organization provides the opportunities for young people and most especially for a girl Child to have a standard education level.

In an interview with Amina Inuwa, head of administration human resources of Girl Child Concern, a society where a girl child grow is to bring the best potential in them and providing them a best opportunity in the future.

Amina said, the mission of the organization is to give the best education for girls who start but cannot finish their education, and provide a financial support, and scholarship for them. 
The vision of the organization in the society, where every young person has grown up and given the chance to potentially have education and bring out the best in themselves without any restrain.

The challenges faces are early, and teenage marriage of a girl child because in the north part of the states the early marriage has been practice and this can put a stop to their education even though some do come back while some do not. The girls also get distracted maybe by their boyfriends or when they go for holiday and this can restrict some to stayed back.

The pandemic has also been one of the challenges which is affecting the organization in terms of the number of students reduction.

The aim of the organization is to give the best possible for our girls for the best in education and in financial support.



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