The development of Vol4healthnaija Organization


Vol4healthnaija  is a non-profit organization is about community development and health of human and children. 

The organization oversees well-being of people and majorly focus on the education, advocacy, medical outreaches, charity, volunteering and community health of people. According to Omotoyosi Idris, secretary for Vol4healthnaija Organization, health is a basic amenity which they take in charge of the facilities and welfare which the community deservedTheir major focus is to give the proper health care to the south community and people who need financial, health and capital support. The mission of the organization is to deliver a sustainable health care to reach out to the people living in underserved community, hard to reach areas amongst Nigerians with low income.

The vision is for an Inclusive Public Health for all Nigerian communities

The impact of the organization to human and child resources is both young, adult, old and children to have a proper health care. In which on their social media pages they shared their development contribution on health to the society, for people to the level at which they contribute to the well-being of the community medically. They treat children who have malaria and give them multi vitamins and a free scan for both adult and children. Also, to give school oral health education.

Omotoyosi said, the challenges faced by the organization is manly financial support, lack of fund raising as limited the organization of their outreached to take care of the community in a larger population.

COV/Modinat Arike Osanyinpeju



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