Welcome to the Metaverse


Technology continues to move faster than the human race can comprehend and with this lack of comprehension, comes an anxiety as to the becoming. The key to fall into rhythm with these changes is education, and it is for this reason the Department of Public Relations and Advertising organised a seminar on a new concept to enter all of our lives recently, the ‘Metaverse’.

On 31st March 2022, Assist. Prof. Dr. Raziye Nevzat, instructor at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, Department of Public Relations and Advertising, provided a seminar called ‘Metaverse 101’, in order to bring anyone interested on the subject up-to-speed on this new virtual world that many have already begun engaging with.

Advising she attended a 3-day education on the Metaverse, Nevzat organized the ‘Metaverse 101’ seminar along with the Public Relations and Advertising Department Chair, Prof. Dr. Anıl Kemal Kaya, in order to share what she learned, and advised along with the department chair that there is more to come, and that they are pioneering courses on the Metaverse to ensure students of EMU stay in tune with the changing times.

“The Metaverse is a Place of Multiple Communication”

The seminar, which filled up every seat in the room and attracted students an academicians from across the campus, saw Nevzat introduce us to this new virtual world which is already very much functioning and receiving investments in time and money. Advising that Neal Stephenson was the first to speak of the Metaverse back in 1992, the Metaverse is a place of multiple communication via the means of Avatars that will represent each individual.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Nevzat spoke of the ways in which the Metaverse will change certain aspects of our lives, the tasks that will become easier and more productive, but also the pitfalls of the availability of such facilities.

“Data Scientists among the top Occupations”

With the use of blockchain technology, the Metaverse has a decentralising characteristic, in that we can be in multiple places at any given time. The Metaverse is changing the future top careers, with data sciences and data definition careers some of the most important new occupations, due to the Metaverse utilising data to improve the quality of the users lives and experiences.

Advising that there are many changes to come, Nevzat concluded in advising that learning about the Metaverse is key to success in the future and being part of this world.


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