Prof. Dr. K. Hüsnü Can Başer Conducts a Seminar at EMU



Prof. Dr. K. Hüsnü Can Başer, instructor at the Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy, conducted a seminar at EMU on 9th May 2022, about Perfume and its raw materials.

Prof. Dr. Başer, who is both the chair of the Pharmacognosy Department and the Director of the Institute of Graduate Studies at the Near East University, is currently working on a project called ‘Research into the Aromatic Plants of Northern Cyprus’.


Pharmacy students from different years attended the lecture

The semınar, which received much interest and filled every seat in the room, saw Prof. Dr. Başer discuss essential oils in detail, including their prices, usage, composition, and production, as well as other related topics. Talking to some of the attending students after the seminar, Roaa AlBeetar, a third-year doctor of pharmacy student stated that the seminar was informative and helpful and the material presented was enlightening and enjoyable. She added that one fact that caught her attention was that Turkey has seven of the largest companies in essential oil production and is now one of the biggest exporters of rose oil. Another student, Hasan Shurrab, stated that he felt really honored that Prof. Dr. Başer presented a seminar at EMU and that he was able to attend it.


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