Pharmacist Career Paths in the Pharma Industry Seminar by Serkan Aykut Adakmaz


As part of the 10th International Career Days at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Serkan Aykut Adakmaz gave a seminar about “Pharmacist Career Paths in the Pharma Industry” on May 13th.

Working as an export manager at BERKO pharmaceuticals, Adakmaz he shared his experience and story with the students. Talking about the university, the pharma industry, and retail pharmacy, he went on to expand more on the topic of the pharma industry and whether it’s an easy occupation. Also, offering advice on how to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry, such as having fluent English and more languages if possible, having discipline and creativity, as well as patience and devotion, lastly, Adakmaz shed light on the importance of being “determined”.

At the end of the seminar, Adakmaz gave students the chance to pose questions to him, with one student asking “What challenges do you think a pharmacist graduate faces? And from your experience what advice do you offer?”. Adakmaz answered that the main challenge is lack of experience and that’s why it’s important to take courses and enroll in international programs. Also, he stressed the importance of working on a CV and preparing well for job interviews. Lastly, Adakmaz shared all his contact information so students can contact him easily anytime and he ended the seminar with some words of wisdom “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and never neglect your private life, family, and your hobbies”.



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